L’ombra della giovinezza. Federigo Tozzi e le arti visive

Musica al Pincio
10/04 - 20/07/2022
Galleria d'Arte Moderna,
Siena, complesso museale Santa Maria della Scala

Exhibition curated by Riccardo Castellana, Michelina Simona Eremita and Luca Quattrocchi.

Five artworks from the collection of the Galleria d'Arte Moderna are included in the exhibition L'ombra della giovinezza. Federigo Tozzi e le arti visive: the sculptures Augusta (1914) by Attilio Selva (AM 321) and Serval (1915-21) by Alfredo Biagini (AM 144); and the three oil paintings by Armando Spadini Musica al Pincio (1913, AM 24), Sotto la pergola (1914, AM 22) and Gruppo di famiglia sotto gli archi (1914, AM 402).

The exhibition celebrates the writer Federigo Tozzi (Siena, 1883 - Rome, 1920) through an artistic and documentary exhibition that analyses his figure from multiple points of view. In fact, the painters and sculptors that the writer knew and appreciated are exhibited, with direct references, in some cases, to his critical pages. Photographs, manuscripts, letters, books and magazines, tracing the main stages of Tozzi's narrative, enrich the exhibition. His interest and passion for art combine with his literary production in a continuous exchange of visual and textual cross-references that help to restore the figure of one of the greatest Italian narrators of the early 20th century.


Categoria particolare: Mostre e opere in viaggio
Galleria d'Arte Moderna
, Siena, complesso museale Santa Maria della Scala
Exhibition|Contemporary art

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