Pino Genovese/ Alberto Timossi
14/07 - 01/12/2023
Galleria d'Arte Moderna,
presso il Chiostro giardino, Chiostro delle sculture e ballatoio via Crispi

A sculpture, a site-specific installation and a photographic exhibition by the two artists Pino Genovese and Alberto Timossi.

The project presents to the public two unpublished environmental works, created as a pair by both artists and exhibited together with a group of photographs that testify to moments of cooperation between Genovese and Timossi, who, on this occasion, combine the characteristics of their respective languages.

The exhibition takes place in three different rooms of the Galleria d'Arte Moderna, going from the outside to the inside.

To open the tour, the Via Crispi entrance sees the placement of the sculpture Innesto, and then moves on to the photographic series visible in the sculpture cloister that anticipates the cloister-garden, itself the site of intervention for the installation Tellurica, from which the title of the project comes.

Both the photographs and the two environmental works allow us to observe the possibilities of dialogue between the distinctive materials of the two artists' lexicon, i.e. recycled wood (Genovese) and PVC (Timossi), configured by reaching a suggestive level of uniformity that, at the same time, qualifies the subjectivities.

The exhibition links the two authors' research starting from their common predisposition to work in the open space, with interventions on an environmental scale. On the basis of this shared aptitude, Genovese and Timossi, for Tellurica, have executed two works ex novo, born from the union of their alphabets and conceived to converse with the context that welcomes them. In the works, the primal force of nature interpenetrates with the properties of human artifice, modulating each other and in response to the surrounding architecture. The result is a composite aesthetic, which renews disciplinary aspects linked to

the very essence of sculpture and its declination in an installation key, bringing together archaic dimension and industrial artefact, geophysical matter and synthetic material, natural model and anthropisation.

Pino Genovese (Rome, 1953). Son of art, his father, the sculptor Rocco Genovese, followed him in his first drawing lessons and involved him in the photography of his works. He graduated in design at the ISIA Institute in Rome. He works in his studio in Lavinio, in contact with nature and the sea; his references and sources of inspiration. After a period dedicated to sculpture, without ever neglecting drawing, he began experimenting with installations. His sensitivity towards nature leads him to create works that give an archaic vision of it, using material recovered from beaches and undergrowth.

He has exhibited at the Luigi Di Sarro Centre in Rome, the Nitsch Museum in Naples, the Satricum Archaeological Area in Le Ferrerie (LT), and the Belgica Academy in Rome. His environmental interventions are on permanent display at the Museum of Art in Nature in Opera Bosco, the International Park of Contemporary Sculpture Sculptures in the Field, the Terra Arte Contemporary Art Park.

Alberto Timossi (Naples, 1965). He trained between Genoa and Carrara, where he attended the School of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. He works in his studio in Rome, where, for some years now, he has been conducting personal research into environmental art, creating sculptural installations using materials derived from construction. After having confronted his work in various urban contexts, the focus on the natural environment, which changes in response to anthropisation processes, constitutes the centre of his recent practice.

He has exhibited at the Pastificio Cerere in Rome, the Collezione Manzù in Ardea, the MUSMA in Matera, the Palazzo dei Consoli in Gubbio, and the Fondazione Orestiadi in Gibellina. His environmental interventions have been carried out at the Michelangelo quarries in Carrara, the Col d'Olen lake in Valle d'Aosta, the Calderone ice field on Gran Sasso, the sacred area of Kothon on the islet of Mozia. 


Galleria d'Arte Moderna
, presso il Chiostro giardino, Chiostro delle sculture e ballatoio via Crispi
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From the 14th of July to the 15th of October 2023 - extended to 1 December 2023

Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.30

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Galleria d'Arte Moderna
Pino Genovese, Alberto Timossi, Tellurica, 2023. Roma, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, installazione site specific
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