Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture

Velocità di motoscafo
08/04 - 18/09/2022
Galleria d'Arte Moderna,
Museo Guggenheim di Bilbao

Exhibition curated by Norman Foster, Manuel Cirauqui, Lekha Hileman Waitoller.

The work Velocità di motoscafo (1919-1924), an oil on canvas by Benedetta Cappa Marinetti (AM 890), from the collection of the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome, is included in the exhibition Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture.

The exhibition celebrates the association between art, technology, design and the automotive industry, highlighting the link that exists between this production and the artistic experiences of the 20th century: through painting, sculpture and architecture, the visual and cultural aspects that link apparently very distant fields are highlighted.

The forty or so cars on display are flanked by some of the artists of the last century who were inspired by cars or tried to transcribe the miracle of speed and movement, including Umberto Boccioni, Andy Warhol, Constantin Brancusi, Alexander Calder and Benedetta Cappa Marinetti.


Categoria particolare: Mostre e opere in viaggio
Galleria d'Arte Moderna
, Museo Guggenheim di Bilbao
Exhibition|Contemporary art

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